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Achieving best-in-class results while ensuring our clients’ integrity is our top priority. To do this, we have hand picked a workforce of some of the industry’s most experienced front-line collection associates. Our hiring practices focus on recruiting seasoned professionals who handle customer contact in an environment that embraces positive communication and rewards “Customer Friendly” behavior.

To limit exposure to risk, Niagara Credit Solutions, Inc. employs a Compliance Department who monitors our personnel to assure all company and client policies and procedures are followed. In addition to monitoring, our Compliance Department maintains our national licensing along with a comprehensive insurance and bond package.

To optimize performance and provide our clients with world-class best practices, we continuously analyze and audit internal processes, network with peers, maintain association memberships and attend receivable management conferences. We integrate the ideas gained during these “strategy sessions” into our minimum account resolution standards and evolve as the industry evolves.

Niagara Credit Solutions, Inc. has partnered with a select group of vendors to provide a technology platform which seamlessly integrates database management and skip-tracing tools with a feature rich VOIP telephone system. This seamless integration provides our clients with remote auditing and monitoring options.

Personnel, Best-Practices and Technology aside, what ultimately sets Niagara Credit Solutions, Inc. apart from its competition and forms the foundation of our successes are the relationships we build with our employees, our clients and their customers. We understand that everything starts with the one-on-one interaction between our collection associates and your customers, and grows from there.